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Hexagon, Small Round, Rugby Ball or Heart Shape

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Hexagon, Small Round, Rugby Ball or Heart Shape
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Hexagon, Small Round, Rugby Ball or Heart Shape
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Printed in full colour on a 1.2mm thick super absorbent REAL WOOD pulp board. (Sourced from FSC Certified Scandinavian forests)


Our beer mat board is extremely absorbent and can be soaked and dried numerous times without losing its shape or bleeding colours. These are real beer mats the way they've been made for decades.


Converting a printing press to reliably accept the thick and absorbent beer mat board is a time consuming and costly affair, which is why most traditional printing companies simply won't go there.


Furthermore, many of the other sellers out there don't actually print on real beer mat board. You could get anything from bog-standard cardboard to two sheets of printed paper glued to a board in the middle.


We use vegetable based process inks, as opposed to the standard oil based inks. Our vegetable based inks are biodegradable and offer the same outstanding print quality and colour reproduction as any traditional oil based ink.


Not all beer mats are created equal.



Beermat specific artwork is available for 94mm square beermats


Beer mat board is not absolutely pure white. It has a very slight yellow tint, and as such we can never achieve pure white in the finished product. However, the tint is so slight most people don't even notice unless they put a white mat against a piece of pure white paper, and against black and other colours, it looks as white as it needs to look. One thing this does affect is very pale colours which may not appear quite as they do on a computer screen. It is always best to keep pale colours to at least 7% in CMYK terms. Finally, because beer mat board has a slightly rough surface texture, colours will always be matt in appearance rather than glossy.


Print ready artwork

Is preferably
  • a .pdf file
  • in CMYK
  • has a 3mm bleed
  • at least 300dpi
However we're happy to work with just about any file from any application.

PDF File

We prefer Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Files, with fully embedded fonts, or all fonts converted to paths. Please use the 'High Quality Print' settings in your software package when creating the .pdf Other common software we can work with include Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark and many more. Please note! If you do not supply us an adobe .pdf there may be unexpected changes in the finished print - for this reason we always send you a proof to approve before we go to print.  


Artwork should be supplied as Full Colour, Cyan Magenta Yellow and Blac(k) files, rather than RGB as colour differences can occur when converting from screen to print colours.  


Your artwork should have an extra border around the edge, your design may 'bleed off' into this area if it is intended to print right up-to the edge of the cut final sized page. More detailed information on bleed is available.  


Computer Screen images are usually 72 or 96 Dots Per Inch, when these are printed they tend to be very small, or 'pixelated', for print images a much higher detail, or resolution, image is required, usually 300 Dots Per Inch (dpi) or even higher.

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